Handmade Studio Ceramics

Beautiful hand crafted porcelain tableware for the discerning ceramics lover

Designed and made in Perth Western Australia

Eucalypt Range

Eucalypt Range

Inspired by seed pods, textures, colours and forms from Australian Eucalyptus trees,... 



Many cultures from around the world historically identify and cherish blue and... 

  • Eucalypt Homewares handmade ceramics

    State Floral Emblems

    Representing each State and Territory in our incredible country. Start or add to your collection of the Eucalypt Homewares State Floralware Emblem series.

    State Floralware Emblem 
  • Handmade ceramics Eucalypt Homewares


    Devine Floralware Vases and Bud Vases make perfect gifts for loved ones. Stand alone art pieces that are fully functional.

    The Bud Vases are a Eucalypt Homewares best seller for a reason.

  • Eucalypt Homewares handmade ceramics

    Drinking Vessels

    Eucalypt Homewares has a number of drinking vessels in different sizes and colours in both the Floralware and Eucalypt Ranges.

    Including the large drinking tumbler to three different volume coffee cups.

  • Eucalypt Homewares handmade ceramics

    Eucalypt Blossom

    Choose from a delicious range of blossom colours to add a pop of colour and class to your home.

    Timeless classics, made from highly durable porcelain and dishwasher safe.

    Eucalypt Range 
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Clay Workshops and Courses

Learn to make your own ceramic homewares with experienced ceramic artist and teacher, Melanie Sharpham from Eucalypt Homewares.

  • Clay Classes Perth

    Slip Casting Course

    Discover the joy of slip casting from scratch. We make our own plaster mould then make a matching set of ceramics pieces over 8 weeks. Decorating with exclusive Eucalypt Homewares transfers.

    Slip Casting Course 
  • Clay Classes Perth

    Hand-building Projects

    Choose from a number of fun and easy hand-building projects in 4 hour workshops.

    The classes are in small groups of six students in the Eucalypt Studio, Kensington WA.

    Perfect for beginners.

    Adults Workshops 
  • Clay Classes Perth

    Private Workshops

    Organise a group of up to 6 people to have your very own private clay workshop. You choose which project your group would like to make.

    Perfect for friends, family groups and work colleagues.

    Leave Melanie a message to discuss available dates.

    Leave a message 
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  • Satisfaction in making my own homewares. Each one unique and that each person I'm sure feels it is a success!!

    Mel - THANK YOU! This is the most satisfying art workshop I have done!! Love Love Love

    Juliette - Art & Music Teacher

  • Mental relaxation. Learning new skills. Conversation. Spending time/mindfulness time.

    Michelle - Science teacher

  • Learning an art form I have been interested in for a long time. I have really enjoyed the workshop.

    A beautiful day with Mel :)

    Thank You!!!

    Brodie - Social Worker

  • Loved It! Make my own stuff & very relaxing.

    Fabulous & you were very patient Mel! Thanks

    Heather - Compliance Manager

  • My Son gave this to me as a Christmas gift. I loved learning new skills, enjoying the process & meeting new people.

    Thanks for a lovely morning, the biscuits were delicious.

    Lisa - Community Child Health Nurse

  • Time for myself.

    Also loved chatting & learning new tips & techniques.

    I would like to do a class where we learnt tips for the classroom.

    Jess - Primary Art Teacher

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