About Eucalypt Homewares

Melanie Sharpham from Eucalypt Homewares handmade ceramics Australia

Drawing inspiration from uniquely beautiful Australian landscapes and designed to be used every day, Eucalypt Homewares founded in 2007, creates decorative and functional handmade ceramics.

“I like the idea of people using my work every day, that it becomes a part of their lives, their families, their histories. I feel joy comes from the functional and the everyday. Life is too fleeting not to use beautiful things.”

Australian ceramic artist, Melanie Sharpham is inspired by Australia’s natural landscapes and the urban environments of our cities.

“Eucalypts are majestic in their coats of dusty green and brown with offerings of exquisite and intricate flowers. The flowers, often unnoticed high in the tree canopy, remind us to seek quiet beauty in life.  Unique to our place of dry earth and forever sky, the trees with their almost secret gems, evoke our spirit and connect us here.”

Each piece of Eucalypt Homewares’ individually handmade homewares are slip cast by Melanie. From designing the decals and forms to mixing and hand tinting clay bodies, casting and hand-forming, trimming and sponging and glazing and sponging, tissuing and firing, sanding and packing… it is the joy of the tactile and the love of the process.

Product collections include the exquisite, coloured porcelain Eucalypt Range, Hand-printed blue and white porcelain Floralware Range and “double dipped” 2Tone and Scribble Collections.

Some of Australia’s best restaurants choose Eucalypt homewares to serve their delicious creations and Melanie says this is because her ceramics are intended to live with and use every day. Her creations are oven and dishwasher safe designed with the belief that gorgeous handcrafted tableware is ultimately about families and friends coming together in shared experiences.

Melanie from Eucalypt Homewares has 27 years of handmade ceramics experience, working and teaching in her ceramics studio.