Make a Rustic Coil Pot Planter

Make a Rustic Coil Pot Planter

Rustic Coil Planter Pot Workshop

Sunday 11th June 2pm - 6pm

This is slow, mindful hand-building at its best.

Handmade coil pots clay classes

Rolling out clay coils and slowing building the shape of the pot. Each coil is rolled out on the bench, joined to its mate, then scraped and smoothed. Its super easy and relaxing too!

Handmade ceramic workshops coil pots
A slab of clay is added for the base, with an optional hole for drainage.
making a coil pot eucalypt homewares clay class
The brown clay is brushed with a white casting slip all over, including the cute little legs.
Clay Coil pot clay classes perth
Then the surface of the clay is decorated with Eucalypt Homewares Tissue transfers/decals.
handmade coil pot for house plants

Decals are images/patterns printed onto special tissue paper with ceramic inks. They are released from the tissue onto the clay before it is fired in the kiln. Once fired they are permanently attached to the ceramic body, ie they won't wash off! You will learn how to use them in the class no experience is needed.

My decals come in blue, red, green and black, with lots of patterns to choose from (all have been designed by me for my tableware, only students from my classes have the opportunity to use them).

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