Slip Casting Course

Slip Casting Course

Have you ever wanted to give pottery a go? Are you worried that it will be too hard? Or that you’ll end up with a batch of lumpy chunky ash trays rather than elegant bowls?

Perhaps you could give my slip casting class a go… We make the bowl by hand-building in clay, then a plaster mould is made of that bowl. Over the remaining weeks we slip cast (using liquid clay poured into the mould) a set of, wait for it…matching bowls!!!! I give you lots of help and ensure you come away from the class with your set.

You decorate the bowls with Eucalypt Homewares tissue transfers. Which, by the way, you can’t get anywhere else as they are designed by me for my work and students to use.


Clay Workshops Perth


Each term we make a different form so that by the end of the year (if you choose to come each term) you will have an eight piece, handmade completely by you, dinner set!

Slip Cast Bowls Clay Classes


Term 1 is bowl making.

Slip Cast Plates Classes

Term 2 we make side plates and Term 3 dinner plates.


Slip cast cups Clay classes

How amazing would it be to WOW your family and friends next Christmas by serving the Christmas meal on a dinner set you made yourself!

If this sound like fun to you, head over to the Adult Clay Classes page and book yourself a spot for one of my mid week evening classes.

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