✈️Moving Back West

✈️Moving Back West

The upheaval of the Covid-19 pandemic has affected us all in many ways. For my family it has changed the trajectory of our life path and made us think deeply about what matters most to us. Consequently we have made the decision to move back to beautiful Western Australia to our lovely home, family and close friends.

Special Friends

We feel very blessed and fortunate for the time we have spent living and working in Melbourne over the last couple of years. It has help us grow and bond as a family and provided wonderful opportunities for each of us. I’m going to miss all that is special about Melbourne, including the clack of the trams, but I am truly looking forward to my walks along the spectacular Swan river and tinkering in my home studio under the peppermint tree.

I will be continuing my Early Childhood studies and plan to work as a teacher to pre-school aged children from next year. However, ceramics will always be part of my being and I when I return to Perth I will be running some boutique workshops in my garden studio. I will also continue to produce my ceramics on small scale to sell on my online shop and yearly studio sale. This small scale nature of the Eucalypt Studio with every piece solely be made by me, will mean less pieces made, taking longer to produce and just that little be more unique.

Eucalypt Shop



My Eucalypt Homewares online store still has a few pieces available to purchase. However, I will close the store for about a month while we move and settle back home. It may be some time before I will have time to make more of my pieces, so if you a hankering for a Eucalypt coffee cup or bowl or plate…pop over quick smart!


Mel in Eucalypt Studio

Also watch this space for news on my boutique clay workshops in Kensington, WA for term 3 2020…..

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