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Christmas Decorations [Sunday 29th November 1pm - 4pm]

Christmas Decorations [Sunday 29th November 1pm - 4pm]
clay christmas decorations workshop
ceramic christmas decorations workshop
Christmas Decorations [Sunday 29th November 1pm - 4pm]
Christmas Decorations [Sunday 29th November 1pm - 4pm]


Porcelain Christmas Decorations

Sunday 29th November

1pm - 4pm

57 Dyson St, Kensington, WA

Get ready for The Christmas Season

Eucalypt Homewares classes are perfect for beginners and complete novices. If you have never worked with clay before please feel very welcome to come and experience the fun and satisfaction of creating something functional with your hands.

In this  workshop students make a large batch of cookie cutter shaped porcelain Christmas decorations. They will be made with beautiful Southern Ice porcelain and decorated with imprinting stamps and/or Eucalypt Homewares decals. They make lovely gifts to give as well as to decorate your own tree, you will make so many that I'm sure you will have enough for both!

Decals are images/patterns printed onto special tissue paper with ceramic inks. They are released from the tissue onto the clay before it is fired in the kiln. Once fired they are permanently attached to the ceramic body, ie they won't wash off! You will learn how to use them in the class no experience is needed.

My decals come in blue, red, green and black, with lots of patterns to choose from (all have been designed by me for my tableware, only students from my classes have the opportunity to use them).

These classes are perfect to enjoy with a group of friends or come along by yourself and meet new ones. They are very social, relaxing and heaps of fun.


**Collection of your creations will be from the studio a few weeks after the commencement of the class. I will email students when they are ready, advertising when the studio is open.

Cost includes all clay materials and firing.



Please Note: Please choose your class carefully. Once purchased there are strictly no refunds nor credits for another class. If for some reason you or someone you have bought a ticket for, can no longer attend the class, it is up to you to find a friend/family member to take your/their place.

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