Bunny Mini Workshop [Tuesday 25th January 3-4.30pm]
Childrens Art Classes

Bunny Mini Workshop [Tuesday 25th January 3-4.30pm]

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Make a Bunny


Tuesday 25th January 

57 Dyson St, Kensington, WA

Make a Bunny

Join me to make a super cute Bunny in this Mini Workshop. We make it with white porcelain paper clay with step by step instructions. Perhaps ask a friend to join you and you can make bunny buddies!

This class is for primary and secondary aged children. Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult to help the child (no fee for the adult). Older children can be dropped and collected at the end of class. Adults are welcome to stay and help (no charge) or book in to participate.

Small class size of up to 12 students

Collection of your creations will be from the studio a few weeks after the commencement of the class. Notification by email.

Cost includes all clay materials and firing.


Please Note: Please choose your class carefully. Once purchased there are strictly no refunds nor credits for another class. If for some reason you or someone you have bought a ticket for, can no longer attend the class, it is up to you to find a friend/family member to take your/their place.


COVID-19 Precautions: When you arrive in the studio please scan the SafeWA QR code (or write up manually) and sanitise your hands with the provided hand sanitiser. Please do not attend if you are unwell.

In the case of further COVID-19 lockdowns: Classes effected will be postponed to a later date. Students can opt to transfer to another class, receive a voucher to use at a later date or a full refund. 

Drawing Inspiration from uniquely beautiful Australian landscapes and designed to be used every day, Eucalypt Homewares creates decorative and functional ceramic homewares, tableware and gifts.



“Eucalypts are majestic in their coats of dusty green and brown with offerings of exquisite and intricate flowers. The flowers, often unnoticed high in the tree canopy, remind us to seek quiet beauty in life. Unique to our place of dry earth and forever sky, the trees with their almost secret gems, evoke our spirit and connect us here.”



Handmade in Australia



All my ceramics are hand made in the Eucalypt Studio Kensington, WA



They are slip cast or hand-built from porcelain clays and fired to a high temperature.



The clay body is hand tinted and a clear glaze applied to the internal surface. The Floralware Range is decorated with a printmaking technique, the decals designed by Melanie. Each piece is then sanded post firing to give a lovely satin feel.



Variations and irregularities may occur in size, shape, colour & glaze, making each piece unique and one-of-a-kind.



Caring for your ceramics



Porcelain is a type of ceramic that is strong and highly vitrified even though the external surface is not glazed. However, it is a hand-made and unique product so some care is needed.



We recommend washing in the dishwasher, being careful of the rims and avoiding over stacking. If washing by hand, please use extreme care as knocking items together in the sink can causes your ceramic to chip or crack.



To keep your pieces beautiful, minimize contact with staining foods or liquids on unglazed surfaces. Also avoid putting your Eucalypt Homewares pieces in the oven as the oils from the oven can stain, also there is a high risk of thermal shock (cracking caused by moving ceramic to and from extreme temperatures eg hot oven to cold bench.)



We recommend the tumblers are stacked in groups of no more than two, to prevent jamming.



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